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CamelotRemix 2016 Reveals!

Apologies again that the masterlist is later than planned! Thank you to everyone who participated in the fest! Here are your reveals for camelotremix 2016!


altocello created Welcome Home (the End of Everything remix) for merlinsdeheune
(Merlin/Arthur - G - digital art)
Summary: Merlin's happy ending, or, what Merlin saw after he said his final goodbyes and laid down his burdens for the last time.

amphigoury created The Pendragon (Feather to Leather Remix) for narlth
(Arthur - G - digital art)
Summary: Best described as a dark!Arthur half-dragon AU. For Narlth in the Camelot Remix 2016

le_red_queen created Et Sic Incipimus Iterum (The Crown of Flowers remix) for clockfraught
(Merlin/Arthur - PG-13)
Summary: There are two kinds of beauty. One is a more obvious sort - the kind found in cleverness, wit and shrewdness of mind. The other is earthier and plain, found in the roughness of cliff stones or in the blunt, honest eyes of an animal. Merlin hadn't thought there could be such a thing within man until he saw the high princess' brother


digthewriter created The First Date (Remix of Last Night) for vlaffles
(Mordred/Percy - PG-13 - 2385 words)
Summary: Mordred goes on a first date with the man he'd met at the pub a few nights before. Now, all he has to do is not lose it completely when Percy takes him to a coffee shop where his ex works.

le_rameau created Remember Me Not (Yet) for ajsrandom
(Merlin/Morgana - PG-13 - 1000 words)
Summary: It's a Sunday pub night and Morgana flirts with a stranger.

eurydice72 created Faithfully for violeteyedhair
(Gaius/Uther - PG-13 - 1749 words)
Summary: Pre-series. All Gaius wants is to save Ygraine--for Uther, for himself, for Camelot--but some battles are lost before they begin.

violeteyedhair created Want You Bad (A This Is How All My Dreams Start remix) for le_rameau
(Gwaine/Leon - R - 1077 words)
Summary: Gwaine is a rockstar. Leon finds that hot. Very hot. But ultimately, Gwaine isn't quite what he expected. (But he is, definitely, still hot.)

ajsrandom created Outside Looking In (A Charmed Life Remix) for eurydice72
(Balinor/Hunith - PG-13 - 1957 words)
Summary: While growing up, Merlin notices his mother receives a new charm for the milestones in his life. Will he ever learn who is behind these mysterious gifts?


emjayelle created While the Moon (the 'Scratch that Itch' remix) for malu_3
(Merlin/Arthur - NC-17 - 3200 words)
Summary: When Arthur asks him, Merlin shrugs, says, "I'm just looking for someone," and that's all Arthur needs to know. He leaves the "me too" unspoken.

awyvern created For Each Choice (The Call Me Merlin Remix) for teprometo
(Merlin/Arthur - R - 1281 words)
Summary: Arthur's made a mistake and the Dollhouse wants its debt repaid.

sweetiejelly created no one ever said (A Falls the Shadow Remix) for scotscookie
(Merlin/Arthur - R - 8000 words)
Summary: The first time they said goodbye, in the most painful manner possible, it was not a proper goodbye at all but a forgetting and an act.

weatherfeather created The Best Laid Plans of Merlin Oft Go Awry -- Due to Traffic and Gwaine (the Sticky Berry Juice Remix) for viennajones
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 1304)
Summary: Herein are told the events of the day leading up to Arthur's surprise birthday party.

xfortytwo created To A Place of No Return (The Surrender Remix) for clotpolesonly
(Merlin/Arthur - NC-17 - 5000)
Summary: Arthur doesn't fuck slaves.

5leggedcricket created Gone (the The Wasting Game remix) for polomonkey
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 1300 words)
Summary: Merlin is in love with Arthur, something Arthur is decidedly not supposed to know about. But he does, and what's more, he might even reciprocate those feelings. When one afternoon Merlin overhears Arthur and Gwaine discussing these feelings, he draws the wrong conclusions and flees before Arthur can explain.

clea2011 created Chivalry and the Modern Alpha (The Elemental Love Remix) for aeris444
(Merlin/Arthur - NC-17 - 12237 words)
Summary: Arthur Pendragon was a hopeless romantic. He had dreams of choosing his own mate, someone who loved him and that he would love back in return. A soulmate, perhaps.
But Arthur was the Prince of Wales, and his father was determined he would take an omega from a suitable noble household. With an arranged marriage threatened, Arthur ran off to seek his destiny. But, as it turned out, his destiny found him instead.

clockfraught created Lacuna (The Space Between Reincarnation Remix) for awyvern
(Merlin/Arthur - R - 1063 words)
Summary: Arthur lets the moment slip away; if Merlin cannot remember him, cannot remember the lifetimes they've spent together and the ones they've spent apart, then Arthur will remember for both of them.

narlth created The One Where Everyone But Merlin Knows Arthur Fancies Him (We Wish You A Merry Ofsted Remix) for nomical
(Merlin/Arthur - PG - 5000 words)
Summary: Everyone knows Arthur has a crush on the new teacher. Everyone, it seems except the object of said crush, but the looming Ofsted inspection could be the perfect opportunity for them both to admit their feelings.

malu_3 created The Rest of Me (The "this is me if I can't be" Barricades Rewind Remix) for xfortytwo
(Merlin/Arthur - R - 7000 words)
Summary: Merlin hangs back as the others surge down into the valley to retrieve the supplies. He touches the ridge the dangling sharpie makes along his sternum, beneath his clothes, and thinks of the last proper words he'd written with it. It's getting harder to believe Arthur's still out there, that he's found the only box that used to matter.

clotpolesonly created Betwixt the Oak and Holly for altocello
(Merlin/Arthur - PG - 1300 words)
Summary: "Upon a grassy knoll the two did stand ~ When nigh the Summer Solstice was at hand. ~The reigning King stood tall before his foe ~ As winds of Fate around them both did blow."

dreaminglypeach created Too Long (But the Wait is Almost Over Remix) for clea2011
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 732 words)
Summary: It's not the first time he's seen Merlin since he woke up (that's the phrase Arthur's going to go with, because he's still not entirely comfortable with the whole ‘mythical king reborn in the 21st century as an accountant’ thing), but it's definitely the closest he's got to him.

nympha_alba created Closer (the Cello Song remix) for emjayelle
(Merlin/Arthur - NC-17 - 4400 words)
Summary: When Merlin meets Arthur by chance in Gaius' office he's taken aback by a history professor being so gorgeous, and soon he's thinking about Arthur every waking moment. But Arthur isn't about to let him in, and Merlin has to work hard to bridge the distance between them.

isyotm created This Awkward Dance (The Things I'd Never Do Remix) for geekslave
(Merlin/Arthur - PG - 1555 words)
Summary: Merlin and Arthur are not-dating, but maybe they'd both like to change that.

teprometo created Forward for nympha_alba
(Bradley/Colin - R - 944 words)
Summary: Colin believes that this is the start of something.

scotscookie created A Man of Value (The Values of Being a Knight Remix) for weatherfeather
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 3729 words)
Summary: Lancelot is puzzled by Arthur's questions. Why is he so keen to know why Lancelot believes Merlin to be brave?

nomical created Six Hours Later And We're Still In The Showroom (The Swedish Furniture Store Remix) for le_red_queen
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 1000 words)
Summary: The Once and Future King is a shopaholic and the Greatest Sorcerer to Ever Walk the Earth is starting to wish he'd murdered Ingvar Kamprad before he founded his stupid store.

vlaffles created The Sorcerer (the What's Behind and What's Before remix) for dreaminglypeach
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 1530 words)
Summary: A small addition to "Set in stone" by EachPeachPearPlum.

peasgopopping created at last (the chronological remix) for isyotm
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 1358 words)
Summary: Arthur sees the reverence reflected back at him. He tries hard not to let it show.

argentsleeper created The Hand that Feeds You (the trapped in destiny remix) for amphigoury
(Merlin/Arthur - PG-13 - 1400 words)
Summary: Arthur is angry, and Merlin is there. It really wasn't that complicated. The real trouble would come afterwords, in how Merlin could possibly forgive him.

aeris444 created Arthur's Gift for digthewriter
(Merlin/Arthur - PG - 1817 words)
Summary: Arthur goes shopping for an antique pen that Morgana once dreamt about.

viennajones created Perhaps Words for sweetiejelly
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 7000 words)
Summary: Arthur wasn’t as excited about marriage as other people. This didn't make him a cynic who believed that all marriages were doomed to fail, but it had simply never been anywhere near the top of his life achievements list.

geekslave created Never a Dull Moment for 5leggedcricket
(Merlin/Arthur - NC-17 - 15000 words)
Summary: Merlin was looking for someone that wasn't quite so boring. Enter Arthur Pendragon. Now Merlin wondered if boring was really so terrible after all.

merlinsdeheune created Hook, Line, and Sinker for peasgopopping
(Merlin/Arthur - G - 2844 words)
Summary: And so it was that the King found himself facing a dragon.

polomonkey created As Kingfishers Catch Fire (The On Call Remix) for argentsleeper
(Merlin/Arthur - R - 12183 words)
Summary: In Victorian England, wealthy taste maker Arthur Pendragon strikes up a friendship with talented and offbeat writer Merlin Emrys. But Arthur is at a loss when Merlin's life starts to fall apart around him, especially in the era of a love that dares not speak its name...



castle arthur by mrs_leary

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